About Helen

The shortest route between a truth and a person is a story.

Helen Lescheid Author


I grew up in a family of story tellers. Grandmother would keep us sitting on the edge of our seats, her sister Anna had us laughing uproariously, and my mother would weave pathos and detail into her personal life stories. On a Sunday afternoon their friends from Ukraine would gather in my mother’s home and share their stories – lively dramas that led to laughter or tears.

My desire to record these true stories, telling of God’s grace and hope, led me to study creative writing and to attending many writers’ workshops near home and far away. To my great delight, I won a Guideposts first person story contest which gave me a trip to New York City and a week’s instruction on writing. Two follow-up workshops by Guideposts provided more valuable training. Work as a contributing editor of With magazine resulted in many trips to Kansas.

As founder and chair person of the Fraser Valley Christian Writers Group, I had opportunities to conduct seminars in first person experience articles.

After my graduation from nurses’ training in 1962, I worked as a missionary nurse in Kenya, East Africa, for four years. Upon our return to Canada, I worked for many years in a seniors’ care home in Abbotsford, British Columbia. I loved the way my patients shared their inspiring life stories with me. Some of these were published in my books.

I have five grown children and eight grandchildren living on four continents. Since I live on the west coast of Canada (near Vancouver) this makes for delightful visits to interesting places in Australia, Africa, Europe, and eastern Canada.