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Prayer: When Answers Aren’t Enough

Prayer - When Answers Aren't Enough bookPrice: $15 plus postage (will be added in the shopping cart).
Soft cover, 188 pages.

Why isn’t God answering my prayer? Why does God seem distant and silent when we need him the most? Why do answers to prayer seem so inconsistent? Some people are healed, some are not. Some are delivered, some are not. What is the real purpose of prayer? In this insightful book Helen Grace Lescheid explores the mystery of prayer.

Since all mistakes about prayer are mistakes about our views of God, she explores the topics: What is God like? How does He answer prayer? Does prayer change God or change me?

We look upon prayer as a means of getting things for ourselves; the Bible idea of prayer is that we may get to know God Himself and develop a love relationship with Him for all eternity.

My book, Prayer: When Answers Aren’t Enough is also available at KOBO bookstore and from the iBookstore on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch AND for Kindle devices and apps through Amazon’s Kindle Store.

When Answers Arent Enough GermanHelen does have a few copies of this book in German.

Please get in touch if interested.

Lead, Kindly Light

Lead KIndly LightPrice: $20 plus postage (will be added in the shopping cart).

Soft cover, 259 pages.

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This riveting, true story captures the joy of Neta Loewen’s childhood in Ukraine, cut short by the Russian Revolution. As the ravages of Stalin’s Communism descend on their small village, this Mennonite family experiences persecution, starvation, and death.

Neta falls in love with Isaac and marries him. With the onset of World War II, Isaac is conscripted into the German army. A few months later, he is declared missing in action.

Neta, now a mother alone with four small children, flees with nothing more than the clothes on their backs and the few possessions they can carry.

Read about Neta’s narrow escape to refugee camps in Europe. Rejoice with her when she finds members of her family again and she is able to immigrate to Canada and begin a new life of freedom and safety. Through all of her experiences, she traces the love of God like a kindly light that comforts and guides her.

Praise for Lead, Kindly Light:

“A great story to share between generations.”
~ Wayne Bremner, Executive Director Mennonite Central Committee BC

“Thousands of Mennonite refugees shared Neta’s frightening experiences, but rarely have any of them written such a compelling book. Lead, Kindly Light is so real in all its details that, in reading it, I was back in Germany again.”
~ Peter J. Dyck, former MCC Director of West Europe, Russia, and North Africa, and author of Up From The Rubble.

Lead Kindly Light GermanHelen does have a few copies of this book in German.

Please get in touch if interested.

He Raised Me Up To Stand On Mountains

He Raised Me UpPrice: $15 plus postage (will be added in the shopping cart).
Soft cover, 271 pages.

More than fifty-five true stories showing how people have turned obstacles into opportunities of growth. For instance, Cathy’s struggle with resentment toward her dad taught her the following:

When people hurt us, we put up walls,. We think this will protect us from more hurt, but often the worst enemy is inside those walls. That enemy is bitterness. An unforgiving spirit ties us emotionally to the person who has hurt us.

Bitterness is like a sliver. If left alone, it will fester and get worse and worse. It will poison you and all your relationships. You must release the hurt to Jesus. You must let Him pull out the sliver. When I confessed my sin of bitterness to God and to my dad God healed me of the hurt.

Other poignant stories deal with loneliness, self-esteem, disappointments, rejections…

What readers are saying: 

I was so blessed to read about all the times “God showed up”.

The stories were so interesting…I’m getting ready to read the book a second time.

I’m buying 20 books to give to my Sunday School class to give to their mother’s for Mother’s Day. The stories are very uplifting.

Treasures of Darkness

Treasures of DarknessPrice: $15 plus postage (will be added in the shopping cart).
Soft cover, 239 pages.

by Esther Manuel (pen name)

How can I cope when my world falls apart?

Treasures of Darkness is a fascinating true story of a woman who asked that question–and found the answer.

“I was stripped of all my securities that I might know there really is no other refuge than God Himself,” she writes. “I learned that faith grows out of your very awareness of need, your sense of utter dependence upon God. You discover that when the night is darkest, God our Father is the nearest to give you treasures of darkness.”

There are many spiritual nuggets that will inspire readers in their moments of despair such as:

I want to be a grace-giver instead of a grudge-bearer.
I will remember that today is a grace day;
I will immerse myself in the ocean of God’s grace.
I will feed on promises of His grace.
I will be a grace-giver in prayer,
And in my walk and talk,
I will bless someone with grace today.